J.C. High Eagle
Once at the close of every year we come to a stop.
It is the end of another year and each New Year offers a fresh start.

We like to plan a bit about what we shall do with these days to come.
We would like to peek into the future to see what those days will bring,
but that is not possible. We can plan, and we can hope, but we cannot know. We must live a minute at a time as it comes to us, and this makes things easier.

The idea of beginning anew, leaving the old mistakes and grief’s behind us, can give us a new outlook.

Although we cannot know what is ahead for us, hoping and believing that it will be good and working so as to make it good are enough.

The hoping, believing, and working are what make up our lives and the lives of others, as well. As long as our lives affect other lives, it is best that we make them as good as we know how to make them. We can never act alone, never live alone. Then, why not try to live so that everybody concerned will be happy?

The year that has passed held some grief and some joy, too, for all of us. If we knew more grief than joy, it may have been our own fault.

The doorway to joy is wide open. All we have to do is make a gesture of good will, say a kind word, do a friendly deed.

Perhaps we have held on grimly when it would have been kinder to let go. Perhaps we have grudged when we might better have been generous. Perhaps we have forgotten to be loving and cherished a darkened thought.

We can leave all the errors behind us and start 2011 anew.
It is time to begin again!

J.C. High Eagle
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